How I Became a Top Sales Performer (Part 3)

Darn it! You actually have to IMPLEMENT a sales process!

Sales Requires A Process

You cannot effectively sell without a process.  

I  no longer use Solution Selling (I went through a few other methods, like Strategic Selling, CustomerCentric Selling, and SPIN Selling) and I have come to the conclusion that selling methods are great for motivating sales people and for educating management about  the benefits of consultative selling techniques.  And then, darnit, you actually have to implement the stuff!

Most organizations fail when it comes to executing successful sales programs.  They don’t have the resources or discipline to implement highly complex, process-based methodologies.  And to some degree, all of these methodologies under-emphasize what a Sales Manager must implement to manage sales people using their method.  You have to implement a “plan to implement your plan”!

That’s why I created MBA4Sales.  Since I have had the benefit of successfully implementing these programs on several occasions, I understand that Sales Managers need to be better educated about the process of managing sales people.  You, the Sales Manager, need a disciplined plan and approach so that you can execute and take advantage of process-based consultative selling techniques.  That’s because even if you were a great sales executive (I was) that doesn’t mean you know how to set up to manage a sales team (I didn’t).  If you follow the principles I outline in the MBA4Sales process, you will be more successful at organizing and managing your team.

For those sales executives reading this post, there’s a lot of benefits and opportunities for you as well. Understanding how sales cycles are organized, how probability helps you manage your pipeline, and how you create “pipeline velocity” will be very useful to your your ability to execute.

In upcoming posts,  I plan to cover many topics that are critical to organizing and managing a sucessful sales team. I look forward to your comments and to sharing ideas about sales management.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to a great dialogue!


Author: Terry Walsh

Terry Walsh is a Trusted Executive Advisor known for his work helping clients create and execute revenue growth strategies, organize and build sales teams, and implement CRM systems. He focuses on helping sales leaders achieve their potential in building and managing effective sales teams. Author of “99 Questions to Achieving Your Sales Goals” (Amazon), which outlines a road map for success in both individual sales and managing sales teams, implemented in dozens of clients. Terry's 25+ years’ experience and a proven track record help organizations build high-performing, well-managed sales teams that drive maximum revenue and create enduring customer relationships to exceed revenue, operational and strategic goals. Terry is currently a Partner with Funnel Metrics, LLC, a leading professional services firm that offers a unique suite of sales enablement and performance management solutions designed to help businesses improve revenue growth and predictability.a Previously, Terry worked as an executive sales leader for major companies including Culligan International, Cendant Corporation, Whitman-Hart/marchFIRST, Digital Equipment Corporation, and others. He has supported dozens of clients as a consultant, trainer and project leader to enable effective sales organizations.

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